Old Tin Sorrows

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Old Tin Sorrows
Old Tin Sorrows.jpg
Author Glen Cook
Country United States
Language English
Series Garrett P.I.
Genre Fantasy, Mystery
Publisher Roc
Publication date
June 1989
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 252
ISBN 0-451-16013-4
OCLC 19795741
Preceded by Cold Copper Tears
Followed by Dread Brass Shadows

Old Tin Sorrows is the fourth novel in Glen Cook's ongoing Garrett P.I. series. The series combines elements of mystery and fantasy as it follows the adventures of private investigator Garrett.

Plot introduction[edit]

Garrett is a hardboiled detective living in the city of TunFaire, a melting pot of different races, cultures, religions, and species. When people have problems, they often come to Garrett for help, but trouble has a way of finding Garrett on its own, whether he likes it or not.

Plot summary[edit]

This Garrett novel is a traditional whodunit. Garrett is approached by his old marine sergeant, Blake Peters, who calls in an old Marine Corps debt to get Garrett to investigate the mysterious illness afflicting his current employer, General Stantnor. Garrett moves into the Stantnor mansion, to find that only a handful of individuals still inhabit the property and keep it from crumbling into ruin. As Garrett begins his investigation, an unknown individual begins murdering the few remaining members of the household. When some of the recently murdered individuals come back from the dead and attack the living house guests, Garrett calls upon his good friend Morley Dotes for backup. As the focus of Garrett's investigation switches to solving the ongoing murders, he continues to be distracted by two elusive beauties seen around the house: one is the general's daughter Jennifer, but the other can only be seen by Garrett, who suspects that she may in fact be a ghost.

While Garrett escapes multiple murder attempts on his own life, other members of the household are not so lucky, and the list of potential suspects grows shorter and shorter. Morley, meanwhile, suspects the general's illness is not a result of poison but possibly of the supernatural. As the pieces start to come together, Garrett and Morley hire an exorcist by the name of Doctor Doom, and with the remaining house staff gathered, they confront the sick general in his quarters. It is revealed that the general murdered his wife, Eleanor, and the ghost that Garrett has glimpsed is in fact her. Eleanor's ghost, as revenge for her murder, has slowly been stealing the life away from the old general. Additionally, Garrett and company deduce that all the murders were in fact committed by the general's daughter, Jennifer, in an attempt to keep the family estate intact after her father's death. In the aftermath, both the general and Jennifer die, and Garrett takes as his only payment a hauntingly beautiful painting of Eleanor, to remind him of the events. He hangs it up in his study, and it becomes apparent that Eleanor's ghost has followed him and now haunts the painting.

Characters in "Old Tin Sorrows"[edit]