Old Toronto Star Building

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Toronto Star Building
Toronto Star building in 1961.
General information
Type Office
(Newspaper publishing)
Location 80 King West
Toronto, Ontario
Completed 1929
Demolished 1972
Owner Toronto Star
Roof 88 metres (289 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 22
Design and construction
Architect Chapman and Oxley

The Old Toronto Star Building at 80 King Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was built in 1929 by Chapman and Oxley. It stood at 22 storeys or 88 metres tall. The ground floor facing King Street housed a few retail stores and at the east end the Stoodleigh's Restaurant. The Art Deco building was torn down in 1972 after its main tenant, the Toronto Star newspaper, abandoned it two years previously for One Yonge Street. Standing now in its spot is First Canadian Place.

Some stonework from the demolition of the building can be found on the grounds of the Guild Inn, along with other portions of facades of lost buildings of Toronto.[1]

Superman co-creator Joe Shuster used the building as a model for the Daily Planet Building.

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