Old Town Hall, Szczecin

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Old Town Hall, Szczecin
  • Ratusz Staromiejski w Szczecinie
  • Altes Rathaus Stettin
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General information
Coordinates53°25′28″N 14°33′36″E / 53.42444°N 14.56000°E / 53.42444; 14.56000Coordinates: 53°25′28″N 14°33′36″E / 53.42444°N 14.56000°E / 53.42444; 14.56000
Completed15th century

The Old Town Hall in Szczecin (Polish: Ratusz Staromiejski w Szczecinie, German: Altes Rathaus Stettin) is the present day town hall in the old town district. It was built for the municipal government in the 15th century.[1] Today it is used as a history museum.


At the time of its construction in the 15th century, it was known as the New Town Hall, erected at the site of the one built in the previous century. In 1968, the building was brought back to its original look and got a new shingle roof. Gothic ornaments of the interior walls and other details were restored. A sumptuously adorned elevation was to raise the prestige of the city officials.

Part of the house is adapted to the Szczecin's History Museum (Polish: Muzeum Historii Szczecina), a part of National Museum in Szczecin. Since 1869, the building houses a popular restaurant and tavern.


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