Old Well (film)

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Old Well
DVD cover
Directed by Wu Tianming
Written by Zheng Yi
Starring Zhang Yimou
Liang Yujin
Niu Xingli
Lü Liping
Music by Xu Youfu
Cinematography Zhang Yimou
Chen Wangcai
Release date
Running time
130 min.
Country China
Language Mandarin

Old Well (Chinese: 老井; pinyin: lǎo jǐng) is a 1986 Chinese film about a village worker's effort of digging a well in his water-starved hometown located in northwest China and his affairs with his old girlfriend. It is produced by Xi'an Film Studio and directed by Wu Tianming, starring Zhang Yimou and Liang Yujin.

The film won the 8th Golden Rooster Award for Best Picture in 1988.

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