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In slang, old school (or old skool) can refer to anything that is from an earlier era or anything that may be considered old-fashioned. The term is commonly used to suggest a high regard for something that has been shown to have lasting value or quality.

It may refer to:


Film, literature and art[edit]

Computers and gaming[edit]

  • Old school gaming, the hobby of playing and collecting older computer, video, and arcade games. Also called "Retro Gaming"
  • Old School RuneScape, a currently playable version of the MMORPG RuneScape which is based on the game's state in 2007.
  • A reference to hackers and hacker groups that operated prior to Eternal September, also spelled "01d sk001".
  • Old School Revival (OSR), a movement in tabletop role-playing focused on re-examining and re-implementing the practices and rules of the hobby's earliest days.


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