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OriginTokyo, Japan
Genresalternative rock, alternative metal, metalcore, pop punk, pop rock
Years active2009–2022
LabelsGloryHeaven (2009—2012)
Lantis (2012—2022)
  • Ta_2
  • Yorke
  • Ryo Yamagata
  • Taizo Nakamura
  • Shinji Ōmura
Past members
  • R.O.N
  • Yohske
  • Sae
  • Yoshihiro Nakao
  • Hiromitsu Kawashima
  • Masanori Mine

Oldcodex (stylized as OLDCODEX) was a Japanese rock band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in 2009. They performed the opening themes for the anime series Free!, Servamp and God Eater and the ending themes for Kuroko's Basketball and Togainu no Chi. Their band name indicates their wish to "create their distinctiveness" in rock music. They also take on a unique concept, having a painter draw on canvas while the main vocalist sing on live stages.


Oldcodex was founded on October 21, 2009, by members Ta_2 (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) and R.O.N, who used to work with Ta_2 on his past solo projects. They debuted with the first mini album "OLDCODEX". They were accompanied by other members from another one named "ROSARYHILL", including R.O.N himself, YoHske and sae, though the last two did not stay from February 15, 2010, onward. On October 3, they put out their first full-length album, "hidemind", with 11 tracks in total. Many of their album covers were drawn by artist YORKE., who then became an official member of the band on November 1. Later on, the band witnessed drastic changes in the lineup, with new arrivals of 3 support members and R.O.N's departure on October 15, 2012. After 12 years of activities, the discography of Oldcodex includes 6 studio albums, a remix album, 3 mini albums, 18 singles and a digital single.

Oldcodex performed at Nippon Budokan on February 11, 2015.[1]

On August 4, 2021, Ta_2 announced he was going on hiatus, with Oldcodex subsequently pausing their activities as well. This announcement came shortly after Shūkan Bunshun reported that he was involved in an extramarital affair with a female work associate.[2] On August 30, 2021, Ta_2 released a statement apologizing for his "careless behavior."[3] On December 27, 2021, it was announced that Oldcodex was set to disband following the release of the theme song for the upcoming Free! movie on the original soundtrack album which is scheduled for April 2022.[4] Ta_2 and Yorke both shared their feelings about the announcement on the exclusive fanclub site, which was closed down at 12PM local time on March 1, 2022.


Final members[edit]

  • Ta_2 – vocals
  • YORKE. – paints, lyrics
  • Ryo Yamagata – drums
  • Taizo Nakamura – bass guitar
  • Shinji Ōmura – guitar

Former members[edit]

  • R.O.N – guitar, arrangement
  • YoHsKE – guitar
  • Sae – drums
  • Yoshihiro Nakao – guitar
  • Hiromitsu Kawashima – bass guitar
  • Masanori Mine – guitar



Studio albums

Year Title Oricon chart
2010 Hidemind 44
2012 Contrast Silver 28
2014 A Silent, within the Roar[6] 5
2016 Fixed Engine[7] 3
2017 They Go, Where?[8] 8
2019 Ladderless 7
2021 Full Colors 36

Mini albums

Year Title Oricon chart


2009 Oldcodex 51
2011 Flower 48
2015 Pledge 5


Year Title Oricon Chart
2010 "[Blue]" 29 N/A
"flag on the hill" 55
2011 "Harsh Wind" 55
2012 "Cold Hands" 56
"Catal Rhythm" (カタルリズム) 20 2nd ending theme song for Kuroko's Basketball
2013 "The Misfit Go" 31 1st ending theme song for Arata: The Legend
"Rage on" 6 Opening theme song for Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
"WALK" 18 Ending theme song for Kuroko's Basketball 2
2014 "Dried Up Youthful Fame" 7 Opening theme song for Free! Eternal Summer
2015 "Lantana" 10 3rd ending theme song for Kuroko's Basketball 3
"Feed A" 13 Opening theme song for God Eater
"Aching Horns" 10 Theme song for High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-
2016 "Deal With" 23 Opening theme song for Servamp
"Scribble & Beyond" 11 Theme song for Kuroko's Basketball Winter Cup Compilation
2018 "Growth Arrow" 11 Theme song for Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari
"One Side" N/A Theme song for Servamp -Alice in the Garden-
"Heading to Over" 9 Theme song for Free!-Dive to the Future-
2019 "Take on Fever" 24[9] Theme song for Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit
2020 "Core Fade" 14 Theme song for ULTRAMAN

As guest artists[edit]

Year Title Album Oricon Chart
2022 "Dried Up Youthful Fame – Version:Free –" Free! -the Final Stroke- The Second Volume Original Soundtrack "Never Ending Blue" TBA Originally scheduled to be the theme song for the first part of the movie Free! -the Final Stroke-, now released as image song.
"This Fading Blue" Theme song for the second part of the movie Free! -the Final Stroke-


  • Harsh Wind Tour live (October 21, 2011)
  • Catalrhythm Tour (March 20, 2013)
  • Contrast Silver Tour final live (December 25, 2013)
  • OLDCODEX Live Blu-ray "ONE PLEDGES" 2015 in ZEPP DIVERCITY (2015)
  • OLDCODEX Live Blu-ray "Capture" 2015 in Budokan (August 26, 2015)
  • OLDCODEX Live Blu-ray "Veni Vidi" 2016 in Budokan (August 24, 2016)
  • OLDCODEX Live Blu-ray "Fixed Engine" 2016-2017 in Budokan (August 30, 2017)


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