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Coordinates: 53°32′28″N 2°06′43″W / 53.541°N 2.112°W / 53.541; -2.112 The Oldham Theatre and Music Workshop is a youth theatre group based in the north west of England.


Founded by David Johnson (61) in 1968, the workshop is renowned for producing some of the best young acting talent in Britain. The Oldham Theatre Workshop has a purpose-built studio located in its own building off Oldham's Union Street, in company with a gallery, a museum and a library.

The workshop provides all-year-round drama training to young people, with classes ranging from the playful and fun 6–8-year-olds, to challenging, devising and practitioner study for those aged 16–25. Each year the workshop produces two large-scale productions — one in December, one in June — which are often staged at the historic Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

The Oldham Theatre Workshop is now managed by the Education and Cultural Services Department of Oldham, in Greater Manchester, England.

Former members[edit]

Many well-known actors began and developed their interest in the performing arts at the Theatre Workshop, with previous members including:

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