Oldsmobile Model 20

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The Model 20 was a compact car produced by Oldsmobile in 1909. Since Oldsmobile was a brand belonging to General Motors, the Model 20 was derived from the previously established Buick brand from the Buick Model B.


The Model 20 was equipped with a side-valve, in-line 2,704cc four-cylinder engine developing 22 bhp. The engine was installed in the front, driving the rear wheels through a transmission shaft. The gearbox had three forward gears, with the gearshift lever positioned to the right of the driver.

The brake pedal came into contact with the engine's crankshaft, while the parking brake came into contact with a brake drum on the rear wheels. The Model 20 was available with only four doors. The headlights used acetylene.

A total of 6,575 Oldsmobile vehicles were manufactured in 1909, with 5,325 being the Model 20.


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