Oldsmobile straight-6 engine

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Oldsmobile produced a straight-6 automobile engine from 1937-1950. It was a conventional side-valve engine and the 230 was shared with GMC trucks for 1937 and 1938.


The 215 cu in (3.52 L) 215 was used by Oldsmobile and Chevrolet. The 215 in the Chevrolet 12-ton pickup trucks featured babbitt connecting rods.


The 230 cu in (3.8 L) 230 was shared between Oldsmobile and GMC trucks.

Olds Inline Six 230


The 238 cu in (3.90 L) 238 was used by Oldsmobile alone.


The 257 cu in (4.21 L) 257 was used only by the Oldsmobile 76 during the 1949-50 model years.

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