Olduvai Hominid 9

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Chellean man
OH 9 Replica 03.JPG
OH 9 replica
Catalog no. OH 9
Common name Chellean man
Species Homo erectus
Age 1.4 million years
Place discovered Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Date discovered December 2 1960
Discovered by Louis S. B. Leakey

Olduvai Hominid number 9 (OH 9) is a fossilized skull cap of an early hominin, found in LLK II, Olduvai Gorge by Louis S. B. Leakey in 1960.[1] It is believed to be around 1.4 to 1.5 million years old and is the first hominid to have a brain size larger than 1,000 cubic centimetres (61 in3). Leakey named it "Chellean Man", in reference to the Oldowan tools found at the site, which were then referred to by the now-obsolete name Chellean. Heberer (1963) provisionally named a new species Homo leakeyi based on the specimen in honour of Leakey, but most subsequent workers have regarded it as H. ergaster, or as H. erectus where H. ergaster is considered a junior synonym.[2] Phillip Tobias provisionally named a new subspecies, H. erectus olduvaiensis, in 1968 based on the specimen, but this has not seen continued use.[3] To the extent that proponents of the use of H. ergaster define ergaster as a separate lineage, equivalent to "African H. erectus", rather than a pure chronospecies, the assignment of OH 9 to H. erectus sensu stricto by Colin Groves supports subsuming H. ergaster into H. erectus.[4]


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