Ole Andreas Furu

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Ole Andreas Furu

Ole Andreas Furu (26 December 1841 – 28 November 1925) was a Norwegian lawyer, civil servant and politician. [1]

Furu was born in Trondheim, Norway. He was the son of Andreas Olsen Furu (1813–1887) and Karen Olsdatter Lien. He grew up on a farm in Sunndal. He earned his law degree in 1867.

He was a member of the Parliament of Norway from 1880 to 1882 and from 1886 to 1888, representing the Conservative Party. He joined Stang's First Cabinet in 1890, first as member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm, later as Minister of the Interior. He was a member Stang's Second Cabinet, where he served as Minister of Auditing, and later Minister of Finance and Customs. He was County Governor of Akershus from 1895 to 1918.[2][3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Johan Henrik Paasche Thorne
Norwegian Minister of the Interior
Succeeded by
Wollert Konow
Preceded by
Johannes Wilhelm Christian Steen
Norwegian Minister of Finance
Succeeded by
George Francis Hagerup
Civic offices
Preceded by
Johan Christian Collett
County Governor of Akershus
Succeeded by
Hroar Olsen