Ole Falck Ebbell

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Ole Falck Ebbell
Ole Falck Ebbell
Ole Falck Ebbell
Born (1839-09-13)September 13, 1839
Oslo, Norway
Died June 29, 1919(1919-06-29) (aged 79)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Architect
Children Ole-Falk Ebbell-Staehelin
Parent(s) Ole Falck Ebbell

Ole Falck Ebbell (1839 – 1919) was a Norwegian architect. He worked primarily in Trondheim, but he was also responsible for the design of buildings in other parts of Norway.


Ole Falck Ebbell was born in Oslo, the son of a lawyer, Ole Falck Ebbell. He studied architecture in Germany and Switzerland and had several years of work in Oslo before he came to Trondheim. He was a teacher of mechanics and architecture at Trondheim Technical Learning Institution, the precursor to the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1871 and in 1891 he became the teacher of architecture and head of the architectural department. He was a member of the commission for the restoration of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim (1882-1894). He is known for several works in different parts of the country.[1]

Ole Falck Ebbell had a son Ole-Falk Ebbell (1879–1969), later: Ole-Falk Ebbell-Staehelin, who became civil engineer. His son contributed e.g. the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

Selected works[edit]


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