Ole Henrik Laub

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Ole Henrik Laub

Ole Henrik Laub (born 3 December 1937 in Aarhus) is a Danish novelist and author of short-stories and children books. He is also an art painter and cartoonist.[1]

Laub made his debut in 1967 with Et Sværd Dyppet i Honning, a collection of short stories. He has since written more than fifty books, short stories, novels, and books for children. He has also written for the stage, for radiodrama and plays for TV. Many of his stories are about people in Danish provincial towns.


  • Fondamenta Nuove1996
  • Hovedrollen 1997,
  • Alle Himlens Farver 2002
  • Fugle flyver hjem 2005
  • Fjolsernes Konge (King of Fools) 2007


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