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This article is about the given name Oleg. For the Balinese dance form, see Oleg (dance).
For the ships of the Imperial Russian Navy, see Oleg (ship).
Oleg of Novgorod.jpg
Gender Male
Word/name Old Norse
Meaning Holy
Region of origin Eastern Europe
Other names
Related names Olga, Helge

Oleg (Russian: Олег), Oleh (Ukrainian: Олег), or Aleh (Belarusian: Алег) is a Slavic given name. It derives from the Old Norse Helgi (Helge), meaning "holy", "sacred", or "blessed". The feminine equivalent is Olga.


The usual pronunciation of Oleg in English is based on the transliteration of the Cyrillic alphabet, and hides three combined quirks of spoken (as opposed to written) Russian:

  1. The stress is on the second syllable. In spoken Russian, the initial short unstressed 'O' is pronounced 'A' as in 'about', like 'Al-ég': however...
  2. Written Russian 'e' is pronounced 'ye' as in 'yeti', like 'Al-yég': however...
  3. A written final 'г' (hard g as in 'gun') is pronounced 'k', with the correct result 'Al-yék'.

Thus, rather than 'Oh-leg', the proper pronunciation of Oleg in English most closely resembles the name Alec.

People named Oleg[edit]