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Oleg Petrovich Chuzhda or Czougeda (Олег Чужда),[note 1] born July 23, 1963 Kiev, Ukraine, (then part of the USSR) is a Soviet and Ukrainian cyclist. After a distinguished amateur career, he turned professional in 1990.


Oleg Petrovich Chuzhda was a precocious cyclist. In 1981 he finished second in the junior world championship. The following year he was a member of the Soviet team competing in the team time trial in the UCI World Championships. The team came third at the 1982 championships and first in 1983.

Czougeda also won the 1984 Milk Race.

Oleg Petrovich Chuzhda is the father of Ukrainian professional cyclist Oleg Chuzhda, who has been racing since 2005.

Professional Teams[edit]




  • Third place in the Milk Race.[note 2]
  • Winner in the second stage of the Milk Race
  • Winning team (USSR cycling team) in the Milk Race
  • Third in the World Championship men's team time trials with the USSR team






Other rankings[edit]

Thirty-fourth in the Peace Race 1990


1983: Master Emeritus sports (cycling) of the Soviet Union


  1. ^ Transcriptions of the surname from Cyrillic into Latin characters have varied. The current standard English spelling of the surname is Chuzhda. However, in English press reports and record books during his career, his name was frequently spelled Czougeda or Tchugeda. Spelled "Tschushda" sites in German, or Tchougeda and Tschuchda in French
  2. ^ In Milk Race 1982, a triple Soviet victory 1st Yuri Kashirin - 2nd Oleg Logvin - 3rd Oleg Chuzhda


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