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Oleg Dahl

Oleg Ivanovich Dahl (Russian: Олег Иванович Даль; 25 May 1941, Moscow – 3 March 1981, Kiev) was a Soviet actor.

He acted in films, from classics of drama to fairy tales and adventures. His most popular works included Zhenya, Zhenechka i 'Katyusha (1967), Khronika pikiruyushchego bombardirovshchika (Chronicles of a Dive-Bomber) (1967), Staraya, staraya skazka (A Very Old Story) (1970), Na Dne (The Lower Depths), Korol Lir (King Lear) (1969), V chetverg i bolshe nikogda (On Thursday and Never Again) (1977), Otpusk v sentyabre (Vacations in September) (1979). Oleg Dal played his last cinema role in Nezvany Drug (Uninvited Friend) by Leonid Maryagin in 1981.

Oleg Dahl also wrote verses that were put down and preserved in his diaries and personal correspondence. Dahl died on 3 March 1981 in his hotel room in Kiev, apparently in his sleep from a heart attack.[1] He was buried in Vagankovo Cemetery in Moscow.



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