Oleg Gazmanov

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Oleg Gazmanov
Oleg Gazmanov 30 October 2010.jpg
Oleg Gazmanov in 2010
Born Oleg Mikhaylovich Gazmanov
(1951-07-22) 22 July 1951 (age 65)
Gusev, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Occupation Singer, composer, Actor
Years active 1980s-present
Title People's Artist of Russia (2001)
Website www.gazmanov.ru
Oleg Gazmanov awarded with the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"» IV degree, 26 December 2012

Oleg Mikhaylovich Gazmanov (Russian: Оле́г Миха́йлович Газма́нов, born 22 July 1951 in Gusev) is a Russian pop singer, composer and poet, specializing in patriotic songs, as well as songs which cover more conventional pop/rock themes. Gazmanov is leader of pop group "Эскадрон" (Squadron). His songs have been covered by others in the chanson style, such as Mikhail Shufutinsky. He is also a Candidate for Master of Sport of the USSR in gymnastics and is well known for his acrobatics performed during live shows, especially at the beginning of his musical career in the early 90's. in 1998 Gazmanov get star on the Star Square in Moscow.

In July 2014 Gazmanov was banned from entering Latvia because of alleged "through words and actions having contributed to the undermining of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity".[1] In August 2016, the Lithuanian government also denied his entry to Lithuania at Vilnius airport.[2]

Popular songs[edit]

  • "Ofitsery"
  • "Moskva"
  • "Moi yasnye dni"
  • "Eskadron"
  • "Esaul"
  • "A Ya Devushek Lyublyu"
  • "Dozhdis'"
  • "Dolya"
  • "Na Zare"
  • "Svezhyi Veter"
  • "Edinstvennaya" (by Philipp Kirkorov)
  • "Tuman"
  • "Zagulyal"
  • "Greshnyi put" (by Valery Leontiev)
  • "Belyi sneg" (by Valery Leontiev)
  • "Moryachka"
  • "Baltiyskiy Bereg"
  • "Zabiray" (duet with Sofia Rotaru)
  • "Proshay"
  • "Vpered Rossiya"
  • "Sdelano v SSSR"


World Music Awards
Preceded by
Valery Leontiev
Best-Selling Russian Artist
Oleg Gazmanov
Succeeded by
Laima Vaikule


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