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Oleg Igorewitsch Marichev
Born (1945-09-07) 7 September 1945 (age 70)
Velikiye Luki, Russian SFSR, USSR
Fields Mathematics
Alma mater University of Belarus
Doctoral advisor Fedor Gakhov
Doctoral students Victor Adamchik
Known for tables of series and integrals

Oleg Igorewitsch Marichev (Russian: Олег Игоревич Маричев; born 7 September 1945 in Velikiye Luki, Russia) is a Russian mathematician. In 1949 he moved to Minsk with his parents. He graduated from the University of Belarus, where he continued to study for Ph.D. degree. His scientific supervisor was Fedor Gakhov.[1] He is the co-author of a comprehensive table of integrals. Around 1990 he got his Ph.D. degree in mathematics from University of Jena, Germany. In 1992, Marichev started working with Stephen Wolfram on Mathematica. His wife Anna helps him in his job.


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