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Oleg Kharch /Kharchenko (born 1963 in Sumy) is a Ukrainian artist in the figurative, new Ukrainian naive (Quasi- naive), post-conceptual direction of movement in contemporary art.

His works ranges from street art projects, artistic collage to traditional painting.

Vera Ganja.

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15 №45 Будмуза або дівчина з відром.jpg

From 1980-85 he was a student of the Faculty of Building Technology in Dnepropetrovsk Construction Engineering Institute,[1] and during 1981–83 he attended the art studio of Stanislav Cherevko, Dnepropetrovsk.

Oleg Kharch is a resident of Kiev, Ukraine.[2]


  • 2015 Ukraine: Short Stories about Contemporary Artists from Ukraine, Luciano Benetton, Italy.[1]

Selected exhibitions[edit]


  • Museum Mystetskyi Arsenal/ Kiev, Ukraine;
  • Works are held in private collections in Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Norway, Ukraine.


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