Oleg Menshikov

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Oleg Menshikov
Oleg Menshikov 2018.jpg
Oleg Menshikov (2018)
Native name
Оле́г Евге́ньевич Ме́ньшиков
Oleg Evgenyevich Menshikov

(1960-11-08) 8 November 1960 (age 59)
Alma materMikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School
  • Actor
  • theatre director
  • singer
Years active1980–present
Anastasia Chernova (m. 2005)

Oleg Evgenyevich Menshikov, PAR (Russian: Оле́г Евге́ньевич Ме́ньшиков; born 8 November 1960) is a Russian actor, theatre director and occasional singer. He is the current artistic director of the Yermolova Theatre in Moscow.

Internationally, Menshikov is the best known for his roles in the films by Nikita Mikhalkov Burnt by the Sun (1994), The Barber of Siberia (1998), Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus (2010) and Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel (2011), as well as for his performance in Régis Wargnier's East/West (1999).

Menshikov is the winner of a Laurence Olivier Award, a Nika Award and three State Prizes of the Russian Federation, and the recipient of the Order of Honour of the Russian Federation.

Early life[edit]

Menshikov was born in Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast, to father Evgeny (born 1934), a military engineer, and mother Yelena (born 1933), a doctor.[1][2]

In addition to regular school, Menshikov also attended music school, where he played the piano and the violin.[1] In 1977, he enrolled the Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School, where he studied acting under Vladimir Monakhov.[2]

Oleg Menshikov in the play "1900" - 2010-09-09


Menshikov had his debut role in the 1980 television film Zhdu i nadeyus (Russian: Жду и надеюсь; English: I'm Waiting and I Hope) by Suren Shazbazyan. The next year he made his film debut in Family Relations, which was his first collaboration with Nikita Mikhalkov. Menshikov then went on to star a series of successful films that made him a star in the Soviet Union, including Flights in Dreams and Reality, My Favourite Clown, Through Main Street with an Orchestra and Moonzund. He garnered further critical acclaim for his performance in Dyuba-Dyuba (1992), for which he was nominated for a Nika Award.

Menshikov first attracted international media attention in the Globe Theatre production When She Danced, for which she won Laurence Olivier Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role. He gained further success with Nikita Mikhalkov's Burnt by the Sun, in which he portrayed a manipulative and suicidal NKVD agent during Joseph Stalin's Great Purge. Burnt by the Sun won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Menshikov reprised his role in the Burnt by the Sun sequels Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus (2010) and Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel (2011).

In 1996, Menshikov starred in Sergei Bodrov's Prisoner of the Mountains, for which he won a Nika Award for Best Actor. He went on to star in Mikhalkov's The Barber of Siberia (1998) opposite Julia Ormond, and in Régis Wargnier's East/West (1999) opposite Sandrine Bonnaire and Catherine Deneuve. His most recent credits include performances in the television series Prime Suspect 6 (2003), films The State Counsellor (2005) as Erast Fandorin and Legend № 17 (2013) as Anatoly Tarasov, and the miniseries Doctor Zhivago (2006).

In 1997, Menshikov was the President of the Jury at the 20th Moscow International Film Festival.[3] Since 2012, he has served as the artistic director of the Yermolova Theatre in Moscow.[4]

Menshikov is a three-time winner of the annual State Prize of the Russian Federation for his outstanding contribution to film art.[5][6][7] In 2003, he was named a People's Artist of Russia.[8] Menshikov was presented with the Order of Honour in 2010.[9]

Personal life[edit]

In 2005, Menshikov married fellow actress Anastasia Chernova.[10] He resides in Moscow.[2]


Title in English Original title Year Role Notes
Жду и надеюсь
Zhdu i nadeyus
1980 Shurka Domok Television film
Family Relations Родня
1981 Kirill Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
The Pokrovsky Gate Покровские ворота
Pokrovskye vorota
1982 Konstantin Romin Directed by Mikhail Kozakov
Flights in Dreams and Reality Полёты во сне и наяву
Polyoty vo sne i nayavu
1982 Alisa's friend
The Kiss Поцелуй
1983 Merzlyakov Television film
Stripe of Obstacles Полоса препятствий
Polosa prepyatstvii
1982 Vladimir Mezhirov
Капитан Фракасс
Kapitan Fracasse
1984 Baron de Sigognac Television miniseries
Володя большой, Володя маленький
Volodya bolshoi, Volodya malenkii
1985 Vladimir Salimovich Television film
Михайло Ломоносов
Mikhailo Lomonosov
1986 Dmitry Vinogradov Television series
Moonzund Моонзунд 1987 Sergei Artenyev
My Favourite Clown Мой любимый клоун
Moi lyubimyi kloun
1986 Sergei Sinicyn
Through Main Street with an Orchestra По главной улице с оркестром
Po glavnoi ulice s orkestrom
1987 Korolykov
Splashes of Champagne Брызги шампанского
Bryzgi shampanskogo
1988 Sergei
Life by Limit Жизнь по лимиту
Zhizny po limitu
1988 Misha
The Stairway Лестница
1989 Vladimir Piroshnikov
The Pit Яма
1990 Vasiliy Likhonin
Dyuba-Dyuba Дюба-дюба 1992 Andrei Pletnyov
Burnt by the Sun Утомлённые солнцем
Utomlyonnye solncem
1994 Dmitry Arsentyev Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Prisoner of the Mountains Кавказский пленник
Kavkazskii plennik
1996 Sanya "Slai"
The Barber of Siberia Сибирский цирюльник
Sibirskii tsiryulynik
1998 Andrei Tolstoi / Andrew McCracken Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Mama Мама 1999 Lyonchik
East/West Est - Ouest 1999 Aleksei Golovin
Prime Suspect 6 N/A 2003 Milan Lukic Television series, 2 episodes
The State Counsellor Статский советник
Statskii sovetnik
2005 Erast Fandorin
Золотой телёнок
Zolotoi telyonok
2006 Ostap Bender Television miniseries
Doctor Zhivago Доктор Живаго 2006 Yuri Zhivago Television miniseries
Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus Утомлённые солнцем 2: Предстояние
Utomlyonnye solncem 2: Predstoyanie
2010 Dmitry Arsentyev Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
What Men Talk About О чём говорят мужчины
O chyom govoryat muzhchiny
2010 Himself Cameo appearance
Burnt by the Sun 2 Утомлённые солнцем 2: Предстояние'
Utomlyonnye solncem 2: Citadely
2011 Dmitry Arsentyev Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel Утомлённые солнцем 2: Цитадель
Utomlyonnye solncem 2
2011 Dmitry Arsentyev Television series
Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Legend № 17 Легенда №17
Legenda №17
2013 Anatoly Tarasov
Attraction Притяжение 2017 Valentin Lebedev, colonel
Gogol. The Beginning Гоголь. Начало 2017 Yakov Guro
Gogol. Terrible Revenge Гоголь. Страшная месть 2018 Yakov Guro

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Year Category Nominated work Result
Alexander Dovzhenko Award 1987 Silver Medal for Acting Moonzund Won
Golden Aries Award 1996 Outstanding Contribution to Film N/A Won
Golden Eagle Award 2014 Best Supporting Actor Legend № 17 Nominated
Kinotavr Film Festival Award 1996 Grand Prix Prisoner of the Mountains Won
Laurence Olivier Award 1992 Best Performance in a Supporting Role When She Danced Won
Moscow Seasons Theatre Festival 1990 Prize in Acting Caligula Won
Nika Award 1993 Best Actor Dyuba-Dyuba Nominated
1997 Prisoner of the Mountains Won
Russian Film Critics' Award 1994 Actor of the Year Burnt by the Sun Won
Russian Guild of Film Critics Award 2014 Best Supporting Actor Legend № 17 Nominated
State Prize of the Russian Federation 1995 Outstanding Contribution to Film Art Burnt by the Sun Won
1997 Prisoner of the Mountains Won
1999 The Barber of Siberia Won
Triumph Independent Film Award 1996 Outstanding Contribution to Culture N/A Won
Victor Rozov Theatre Award 1993 Contribution to Theatre N Won



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