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Oleg Vasilyevich Shein (Russian: Оле́г Васи́льевич Ше́ин; born March 21, 1972[1] in Astrakhan, RSFSR, USSR) is a Russian trade union, social and political activist left-wing deputy of the State Duma III, IV, V, VI (since April 2016)[2] and VII convocation. In 2011-2016 he was a deputy of the Astrakhan Regional Duma.[3][4] Vice-president of the Confederation of Labour of Russia. Co-Chair of the Union of citizens. Author of several books on history.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Since 2002 to 2009 was married to French sociologist Carine Clément.[6] Shein does not smoke or abuse alcohol.[7] Since childhood he is a vegetarian.[7]


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