Oleksandr Oles

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Oleksandr Oles

Oleksandr Ivanovych Oles (real name Oleksandr Kandyba) (Ukrainian: Олександр Іванович Олесь) (1878–1944) was a prominent Ukrainian writer and poet. He is the father of another Ukrainian poet and political activist, Oleh Olzhych, who perished in the Nazi labor camps in 1944. He is one of representatives of the Ukrainian Cossack family of Kandyba.


Among his poetic collections are "Z zhurboyu radist obnymalas" — With Sadness a Joy was Embracing, "Komu povim pechal moyu" — To Whom I'll Tell About My Woes, and others (nine poetry books altogether). Oleksandr Oles also created several dramatic works.


Oles died in emigration in Prague in 1944. He was buried there until early January 2016 when his and his wife remains were exhumed and replaced by the body of Volodymyr Mykhailyshyn, who was the man that had been paying for the family grave.[1][2] On 29 January 2017 Oles and his wife Vera were reburied, paid for by the Ukrainian government, in (Ukraine's capital) Kiev Lukyanovka cemetery.[2] President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna Poroshenko took part in this ceremony.[2]

Example of his work[edit]

The sky has embraced the sea,
The sea has spilled into the sky…
The whole world they have forgotten
And have sunk in the fogs of the sky
I have dreamed of being with you,
Our souls are close mates.
You are like the blue sky
And your thoughts are like wandering clouds.


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