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Olena Golub
Olena Golub
Born (1951-12-25) December 25, 1951 (age 65)
Kyiv, Ukraine
Citizenship Ukrainian
Occupation Painter, digital image maker, art critic

Olena Golub (Ukrainian: Олена Євгенівна Голуб; born December 25, 1951) is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, painter, art critic, and member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine from 2003. She is a curator and participant of many art projects, national and international. Her works have been exhibited in several countries. Her works exhibited in countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium South Korea, Poland, Austria, Hungary and other.



Olena Golub was born 31 December 1951 in Kyiv, Soviet Ukraine, to an intellectual family. Her parents acted on stage as a singers before her father, Yevgen Golub, became a journalist and her mother, Zinaida Morozova, became an official. She graduated from Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in 1974, department of biophysics. She worked for some time as an engineer, but dreamed of becoming a professional artist. In the 1970s she refused to join the Arts' Academy, against creating compositions in the spirit of Soviet ideology. Thus, she took private drawing lessons and graduated from the Institute of Journalistic Skill in 1986, Faculty Artists press.

She worked as an illustrator in magazines, an editor at the publishing house, etc. She is author of more than 100 publications on contemporary art. Her husband is culturologist Peter Yakovenko and her daughter is photographer Anna Golub. Her son Andrey Yakovenko is a designer. She lives in Kiev and frequently travels abroad with exhibitions.


Her career began with opposition to the Socialist Realism in a circle of underground artists, when she was writing in the style of Expressionism. Avant-garde young people in Kiev founded an association, the Rukh Movement, in which writers, scientists, and artists gathered. In 1977 they organized an exhibition with artists Yuri Kosin, Nik Niedzelski, Mikola Tregub, Woodon Baklitsky, Alexander Kostetsky, Olena Golub and others.[1]

Her artworks was inspired by Ukrainian avant-garde in the beginning of the 20th century, particularly by Wassily Kandinsky ("Engineer's portrait", "Empty plate", "Two", etc.)

The second surge of lifting art by Olena Golub is associated with the revival of civic activities and the advent of private galleries, where she began to exhibit new works. Her paintings such as "Aunt", "Fisherman", "Chupa-chups, or the illusion of equality" increased the social-critical motif with characteristic of Ukrainians humor. The second surge of lifting art by Olena Golub associated with the revival of civic activities and the advent of private galleries, where she began to exhibit new works. In her paintings such as «Aunt», «Fisherman», «Chupa-chups, or the illusion of equality» increased social-critical motif with characteristic for Ukrainians hints of humor.[2][3][4]

Since 2003, Lena began to create photo installations using computer technology. Art critic Nina Saenko has written: «Turning to contemporary computer technologies, the artist, as is her custom, pungently felt the pulse and rhythm of the time. By confronting and comparing various historical photographic materials she is in the process of solving philosophical problems of existence itself. The new series features the transformation of family traditions and generational ties along with the global transformation of conscience in material reviewing the totalitarian past (Yes and No, The Totalitarian Ballade, and Recipient Unknown). Olena Golub calls upon us to return to human problems and perception of the human essence. In her works the fates of historical persons (Stalin, Hitler, etc) are closely interlaced with personages from family albums, who act together in the historical context. They pose questions about everybody’s connection with and responsibility for everything that ever happened or is happening now (Who to Be With? and He, She, They...). Today Olena Golub is on a new turn in her creative flight. One cannot but wish to become one of the characters she has created, the Yellow Hare, rising high above our omnivorous globalization and broad expansion of the mass media and fill oneself with the sense of freedom and independence.»[5]

Since 2003, Lena began to create photo installations using computer technology. She frequently returned to human problems and reworked historical figures. Today, Golub continues working with new ideas, encompassing globalization in her work.[6]

She has found considerable opportunities to create own visual language using digital technology and based on «mental structures» as she says.[7]

A trend accentuated on digital technology in the arts she realized in the «G. V. Kh.» - group: Golub, Vysheslavsky, Kharchenko. Their project «Digital yard № 3» was shown in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2008).[8]


Award of «Matrices 2017» - International exhibitions of small electrographic artworks, Budapest, Hungary,2017

Award of «Matrices 2012» - International exhibitions of small electrographic artworks, Budapest, Hungary,2012


  • 2015 — 10th International exhibition of digital art, Ottawa, Canada. [17]
  • 2015 — "True testimony: from the Revolution of Dignity to the present" National History Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv. [18]
  • 2015 — Digital Agora - 1 International Digital Art Triennial, Szekszard, Hungary.
  • 2015 — Revolution of Dignity art Exhibit: Images from Ukraine’s Maidan, 2013-2014, Wilson Center Washington, D.C., USA. [19]
  • 2014 — 9th International Digital Art Miniprint Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada. [20]
  • 2014 — "Invasion" - personal photo installation project, "Maysternia" gallery, House of Artists, Kyiv
  • 2013 — International print triennial Krakow-Falun, Dalarnas Museum, Falun, Sweden,catalog p. 150.[21]
  • 2013 — «In.print.out» - International Print Trienale, catalog p. 83.
  • 2012 — «Matrices 2012» - International exhibitions of small electrographic artworks, Budapest, Hungary, the catalog Pp. 51.
  • 2012 - "Portrait of the artist through the eyes of an artist" - "Triptykh" gallery, Kyiv
  • 2011 – 10 years the Kyiv's Modern Art Research Institute ( directed by Victor Sydorenko)
  • 2011 - "Impossible community", Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow, curator V.Miziano, Yevgeniy Fiks project "Portrait of the 19 million", photo installation.[9][10]
  • 2010 - Auction "Ukrainian alternative", catalog P.51.
  • 2010 - «Matrices 2010" - Biennial elektrohrafiky, Budapest, Hungary, the catalog Pp. 23, 53.[11]
  • 2010, 2005 - exhibition «Special themes circuit», Linz, Austria.
  • 2009 - Kyiv National Museum of Literature,- photo installations, dedicated to Taras Shevchenko and Lesia Ukrainka.
  • 2008 - «DIGITAL YARD № 3» - participant and co-curator of art group "G. V. Kh.», WG Kunst Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008, catalog P. 1-9.[12]
  • 2008, 2007 - "Gogolfest» - International Art Festival, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, - art works, dedicated to Nikolai Gogol.[13]
  • 2007 - «GIAF 2007" - Hayonhnam International Art Festival in Masan, Korea, prints, catalog st.112
  • 2007 - «Matrices 2007» - Biennial elektrohrafiky, Duna, MMG gallery, Budapest, Hungary, prints, catalog P.p. 18, 55, 64.
  • 2007 - International exhibition of posters, Poster Museum, Lahti, Finland.
  • 2006-2005 - "In the space Dubuffet" - exhibition joint with Nicoletta Montalbetti,photo collages. French Institute in Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk).[14]
  • 2005 - «Birdinvest project», kurator and member of the Ukrainian Part of the International Project Borhlun, Belgium, catalog P. 42.
  • 2005 - "Peace and War," Gallery of Kiev-Mohyla Academy, the International Photobienalle "Second Month of Photography in Kiev", catalogue P. 95-96.[15]
  • 2005, 1985.1983 - International Biennial of humor and satire in the arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, catalog 2005, P.125.
  • 2004 - "Yellow Hare's Triumph ", personal exhibition, "University" gallery, painting, graphics, photos, Kyiv.
  • 2003 - International Print Trienale «Eurografik», curator Witold Skulicz, Kraków, Poland, catalogue P. 50.[16]
  • 2003, 2001, 2000 - I, II and III International Art Festival, Magdeburg, Germany, catalogs: I - "People and animals", P. 29, II - "Beyond everyday", Pp. 46, 130; III - "Signals of inexact time", S.123.
  • 2002 - "Short stories" - participant and curator, Ukrainian House, Kyiv.
  • 2001 - "People and animals," participant and curator, Ukrainian House, Kyiv.
  • 1978, 1977 - exhibition of underground creative association "Movement", Kyiv.

Theoretical orientation[edit]

As art critic Olena Golub explores several directions.

  • Alternative art in a broad sense, and in particular underground culture.[17][18][19][20]
  • Art works created on the basis of new, digital, technologies.[21][22]
  • The essence of the creative process in modern world.[23][24][25][26]
  • Art market lows and freedom of the artist.[27][28]
  • Interaction of Ukrainian and Western art.[29][30][31]




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