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Olga J. Pendleton is an American statistician known for her research on road traffic safety and alcohol-impaired driving as a statistician at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and as a member of the "Zero Alcohol" committee of the National Research Council.[1] She has also published highly-cited work on the geometric design of roads[2] and, with Ronald R. Hocking, on multiple linear regression.[3]


Pendleton did her undergraduate studies at the University of South Alabama.[4] As Olga Pendleton Hackney, she did her graduate studies at Emory University. She earned a master's degree in 1973 with the thesis Periodic Regression Revisited (supervised by Yick-Kwong Chan) and completed her Ph.D. with the 1976 dissertation Hypothesis Testing In The General Linear Model.[4][5][6]


Before working at the Texas Transportation Institute, Pendleton became an assistant professor at Mississippi State University,[5] and then was associated with the University of Texas System Cancer Center, starting in 1980.[7] As Olga J. Hocking and later Olga J. Herman, she has taught at Northern Michigan University since 2011.[4]


She was elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 1991.[8]


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