Olga Schoberová

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Olga Schoberová
Born (1943-03-15) March 15, 1943 (age 74)
Other names Olinka Bérová
Occupation actress
Years active 1963–1984
Spouse(s) Brad Harris (1967–1969)
John Calley (1972–1992)

Olga Schoberová or Olinka Bérová born March 15, 1943 in Prague, Czech Republic (then Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia), Czech-American actress.

Private life[edit]

Olga was married to Brad Harris on 16 November 1967 and divorced in 1969 with one daughter, Babrinka, called "Sabrina". She married John Calley on December 30, 1972,[1] and divorced almost exactly 20 years later, in December 1992. She is fluent in German and Russian.[2]


Olga Schoberová acted in 22 Czech, German, Italian and American movies. In 1968 she appeared in The Vengeance of She under the name "Olinka Berova", and used that name for several more films. She was often compared with Brigitte Bardot and Ursula Andress.[3]

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