Olga Wohlbrück

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Olga Wohlbrück
Olga Wohlbrueck.jpg
Born5 July 1867 (1867-07-05)
Died20 July 1933 (1933-07-21) (aged 66)
OccupationActress, director, writer
Spouse(s)Maximilian Bern (divorced)
Leo Feld (divorced)
Waldemar Wendland
RelativesAnton Walbrook (cousin)

Olga Wohlbrück (5 July 1867 – 20 July 1933) was an Austrian-German actress, director, and writer. She is considered the first female director in Germany.[1]


Olga Wohlbrück was born in Austria in 1867 to Max and Olga Wohlbrück; her parents both came from acting families. She spent much of her childhood in Russia before moving to Germany and studying acting from her maternal grandmother.

She established a flourishing literary career for herself, producing novels, short stories, and plays while continuing to work as an actress in Berlin. In 1913, with the release of To Give a Girl Away (Ein Mädchen zu Verschenken), she became Germany's first female director.[2] She wrote other scripts over the years, but that was her sole directorial effort.

She was married three times: first to writer Maximilian Bern, second to author Leo Feld, and third to composer Waldemar Wendland,[3] and was related to Austrian actor Anton Walbrook (her second cousin).[4]

Selected filmography[edit]


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