Olga Zhekulina

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Olga Zhekulina
О́льга Жеку́лина
Born (1900-10-04)4 October 1900
Died (1973-08-05)5 August 1973
Known for Painter, puppeteer
Patron(s) Konstantin Yuon, Konstantin Korovin

Olga Anatolyevna Zhekulina (Russian: О́льга Анато́льевна Жеку́лина) (4 October 1900 — 5 August 1973) was a noted Russian painter and one of the famous Soviet puppeteers.[1][2]

She was a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.[3]


Olga Zhekulina was born in 1900 in a noble family. Originally she received art education in the private studio of the famous Russian artist Konstantin Yuon, where she studied until 1917.

In 1918-1921, she studied at the Free Art Studios of Konstantin Korovin[3] (since 1921 - Vkhutemas). In 1921, she was expelled from Zhekulina Art Workshops for her non-proletarian origin.

Serious creative activity of the artist began at the turn of the 1910s and 20s.[4]

In the 20s Zhekulina participated in the life of the "Fire-color" Association, which also consisted of Arkhipov, Bogorodskiy, Dobuzhinsky, Petrov-Vodkin, Voloshin, and other major artists of the time. The main motives of the artist in painting during this period were - "hut buried in the snow, spring, silver gave summer".[4]

Window. 1926

In 1930, she became known for the scenery of "A trivial comedy for serious people" by Oscar Wilde for a branch of the Maly Theater.[3]

After that, she worked for nearly twenty years as the puppet theater artist of the Moscow House of Pioneers.[3]

In the 1950s, She became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.[5] In the late 1950s Zhekulina working on a major state order: a series of landscapes of the Red Presnya.

In the 1960s, the artist was working on a "Valdai cycle", dedicated to the Russian village.

The artist died in 1973.[5] During her life, the artist created some 200 works.


Her father was a district agronomist, and then a banker. He was repressed.

The older brother Sergey was a professor of psychology. The younger brother Leo was a famous scientist and engineer, author of hundreds of scientific papers. Leo worked with Sergei Korolev.



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