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Oliang (Thai: โอเลี้ยง,  pronounced [ʔōːlía̯ŋ], from Teochew dialect 烏涼 or Pe̍h-ōe-jī: o͘-liâng), commonly known as Thai iced coffee, is an iced coffee drink which blends the coffee together with soybeans, corn, sesame seeds, and other additives. It is traditionally brewed using a thung tom kafae, a cloth bag attached to a metal ring. The name is derived from the Teochew dialect, the language spoken by the majority of the Thai Chinese, where "o" means "black" and "liang" means "cold".

Oliang is sometimes served with condensed milk, or with a small pitcher of evaporated milk, and one of simple syrup with which the drinker can sweeten the oliang to her taste.

Powdered premixed oliang is available online and at some Asian grocery suppliers.