Olidous Operettas

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Olidous Operettas
Studio album by The County Medical Examiners
Released 2007
Recorded 2006
Genre Goregrind
Length 29:54
Label Relapse
Producer The County Medical Examiners
The County Medical Examiners chronology
Reeking Rhapsodies for Chorale, Percussion, and Strings (EP)
Olidous Operettas

Olidous Operettas is the second full-length album from The County Medical Examiners, as well as their first on Relapse Records. This is also the first album in the history of Relapse Records to feature a "scratch-n-sniff" CD face. According to the liner notes the odor of "corpse reek" on the CD face was donated by John Doe #4502.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Casper's Dictum" 4:11
2. "Morgagnic Anatomics" 4:13
3. "Necrotic Apologues" 4:15
4. "Blunt Force Flight" 4:18
5. "The Virchow Postmortem Procedure" 3:51
6. "Expeditious Evisceratory Mishap" 1:54
7. "Maturating Decompositional Gas" 3:37
8. "Kaleidoscopic Malacia" 3:31


  • Dr. Morton Fairbanks - guitars, vocals
  • Dr. Guy Radcliffe - bass, vocals
  • Dr. Jack Putnam - drums, vocals


  • Arranged & Produced By The County Medical Examiners
  • Recorded, Engineered & Mixed By Matthew Widener

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