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Olio (book).jpg
AuthorTyehimba Jess
PublisherSeattle Wave Books
Publication date
ISBN978-1-940696-22-5 (Hardcover)

Olio is a book of poetry written by Tyehimba Jess that was released in 2016.[1] The book is split into 16 sections, 14 of which are poems with the introduction section and extras and acknowledgments acting as the beginning and ending sections. The book won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.[2]


Jess' purpose behind writing Olio was to put together the work of first generation freed slaves to share their story and their suffering, as well as to create a piece of work that each reader will experience differently.[3]

"Fix your eyes on the flex of these first-generation-freed voices: They coalesce in counterpoint, name nemeses, summon tongue to wit-ness. Weave your own chosen way between these voices" (Jess 3).



There are pictures on page 5, 13, 37, 69, 99, 129, 153, 177, and 209.

The illustrations are by Jessica Lynne Brown of Missouri.


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