Oliver Dunne

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Oliver Dunne
Born 1977
Nationality Irish
Occupation Chef
Employer Self-employed
Known for Lucinda O'Sullivan controversy

Oliver Dunne (Dublin, 1977) is an Irish head chef and restaurant owner. He is the owner of the Michelin starred restaurant Bon Appétit in Malahide, County Dublin.[1] Dunne was a regular guest in the former Irish TV-show The Afternoon Show.

Dunne started his career as commis at Gotham Café in Dublin. From there he went on to work at other places, amongst others Peacock Alley, before he left for London. In London he worked at for chefs as Gordon Ramsay and Gary Rhodes.[2][3]

In 2003, Dunne returned to Ireland. He started working as head chef in restaurant Zucchini in Ranelagh. Within a few weeks, he renamed the place to Mint. In 2006, Dylan McGrath took over the spadle when Dunne bought Bon Appétit in Malahide. Oliver Dunne was awarded a Michelin star since 2008 for his cooking there.[4][5][6]

Besides his work at the restaurant, Dunne also acts as guest-chef for the Dublin Cookery School, an institution for cooking courses.[7]

In August 2013 he opened a new restaurant in the Clarence Hotel, together with Rory Carville.[8]


  • Dunne lives in Malahide with his wife and two children.[9] In August 2013, Oliver Dunne posted an image on Twitter, posing with a meat cleaver, alongside his colleague Rory Carville holding the bloodied head of food critic, Lucinda O'Sullivan. The image was reported to Gardaí.[10]