Oliver Friedmann

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Oliver Friedmann
EducationLudwig Maximilian University of Munich (Diploma and Doctorate)
OccupationCTO, Computer scientist
Known forLower bounds on Parity game algorithms

Oliver Friedmann is a German computer scientist and mathematician known for his work on parity games and the simplex algorithm.[1] He is CTO and co-founder of Ziggeo,[2] a cloud-based video technology company.

Friedmann earned his doctorate's degree from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 2011 under the supervision of Martin Hofmann and Martin Lange.[3]


He won the Kleene Award[4] for showing that state-of-the-art policy iteration algorithms for parity games require exponential time in the worst case.[5] He and his coauthors extended the proof techniques to the simplex algorithm and to policy iteration for Markov decision processes.[6] His seminal body of work on lower bounds in convex optimization, leading to a sub-exponential lower bound[7] for Zadeh's rule, was awarded with the Tucker Prize.[8]


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