Oliver Rothschild

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Oliver Rothschild
Born (1951-04-24) April 24, 1951 (age 66)
London, United Kingdom
Residence United Kingdom
Occupation Corporate Strategist
Board member of Oliver Rothschild Corporate Advisors, Geneva Group International, ACEVO Solutions, Tergo Power, Ultimate Media Fund, Rockstar Group, cnaSoft Limited, Fusion Universal, Next Level, Twilight Entertainment, Conceptiviti, WeCanDo.Biz

Oliver Rothschild, (born April 24, 1951 in London, United Kingdom) is a corporate strategist active in a variety of business arenas. He has held management level positions with Buchler Rothschild Investments and is currently Chairman of Oliver Rothschild Corporate Advisors. He is active within a range of industries and holds a diverse portfolio of business interests. Amongst a number of Chairmanships, Rothschild is also active in other, non-commercial spheres, having previously been elected Chairman of UNICEF (Appeals Committee).[1] In the charitable Sector, Rothschild is Chairman of the Sustainable Business Forum; he also acts as Ambassador or Patron of a number of charitable organisations.

Reports of misrepresentation[edit]

After Beijing’s Tsinghua University publicly overstated claims of hosting a member of the Rothschild banking family, which it subsequently recanted, it was reported in the press that Rothschild may have misrepresentated himself as a direct descendant of the Rothschild family. There was no evidence beyond speculation to substantiate this claim. One report stated that Rothschild claimed to be a Senior Entrepreneur Fellow of the University of Essex, with an apparent spokesman stating: “He does not have any association with the university.” despite Essex University's own website previously stating Rothschild was a Senior Enterprise Fellow; the original page was deleted and can be found using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.[2] Another unnamed spokesman is speculated to have never heard of him in relation to a claim that Rothschild was the ambassador of the London College of Fashion. On his LinkedIn page, Rothschild is noted as a past president of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations Solutions (ACEVO). Speculation from an unnamed spokesman claimed no such post existed and his only association with the organisation had been a “fleeting one”,[3] despite being listed on Companies House as a former director of ACEVO,[4] and referred to in at least one other news article as Chairman of ACEVO in 2011.[5]

Early career[edit]

Rothschild began his career consulting in the hotel, restaurant and leisure industries. As Founder and Principal of Buchler Rothschild, he helped build the firm's investment portfolio covering real estate, IT, entertainment, media, PR, the fine arts and antiques. He was former Chairman of a travel PLC, Senior Vice President of American General Investments and Director of an Auction House.[citation needed]

Later career[edit]

Following Buchler Rothschild, Oliver Rothschild Corporate Advisors was founded, a corporate strategy and corporate governance advisory firm. Amongst a range of other Chairmanships that transcend a range of industries including sustainable energy, corporate strategy, cloud computing, media and the arts, he currently holds the following positions as of May 2012:[6]

Rothschild has held Board level positions with the Carbon Advice Group, a business that provides a unique way of engaging individuals and businesses in combating climate change across borders and nationalities,.[8] His media involvement includes presenting programmes for the BBC[citation needed] and Channel 4[citation needed] and co-production of a BBC series[citation needed],[9] He is an Ambassador for the Monaco International Film Festival[citation needed].

Rothschild is also the Senior Entrepreneur Fellow of the University of Essex and Chairman of the Steering Group.[10][11] He is also involved with Sophia Business Angels Venture Academy.

Speaking Engagements[edit]

Rothschild is known for a variety of international speaking engagements covering both commercial and charitable spheres. On a commercial level, he spoke In Scotland at a Conference hosted by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry and NED Solutions on how the ever-evolving Scottish economy could benefit from a higher number of Non-Executive Directors.[12] He also delivered a keynote speech in Bahrain at The 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum titled "Global Markets, National Policies and Competitive Advantage of Firms", detailing how companies have secured success by achieving competitive advantage over other their industry counterparts.[13] Other speaking engagements include the EBAN Conference regarding how innovation and growth are the two vital components of any business startup and for ACEVO in September 2010, on how partnerships in the charitable sector with private companies can work for the benefit of nearly any philanthropic cause.

Charitable Work[edit]

Rothschild currently acts as Ambassador of the London College of Fashion and Patron of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School, founded in 2001 by the Prince's Trust,[14] Love in the Sky, Wherever the Need and Tiny Tickers. He also holds representative positions with Jeans for Genes and Global Angels.