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Oliver Sean
Oliver sean 2.jpg
Oliver Sean Alvares

(1979-10-11) October 11, 1979 (age 41)
Goa, India
  • Singer-songwriter
  • record producer
Years active1999–present
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • guitar

Oliver Sean (born October 11, 1979) is a Leicester England based singer-songwriter.[1][2] His brand of music is known for its Americana influence with acoustic rock, world and contemporary undertones.

Born and raised in Goa, Oliver Sean has lived most of his adult life abroad, including Dubai and the UK.[3] His eclectic global music style is the trademark for his brand. It's attributed to his mixed Portuguese and Goan Lineage. Sean's discography with WOA International started in 1999 with his single "There She Is Again"[4] at the age of 19, having recorded it three years earlier.

As a composer, record producer and filmmaker Oliver Sean's productions have been broadcast on International channels including MTV and Vh1 and has had several No.1 chart listings and major top 10 chart rankings worldwide. Some of the highlights of his recognition has been Nomination for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012, hitting the Billboard Top 10 at number 6 on the World Digital Song Sales Charts in 2019.[5] and reaching #8 on the Billboard Blues Album Charts with his album ‘Devil is Back’ in August 2020.[6] The same album also made it into the Official UK Album Charts Official Chart Company at No.52 on the Official UK Album Download Charts for the week of Aug 21, 2020.[7] Oliver Sean hit the Billboard Artist Charts coming in at #6 in October 2020 .[8]

He is a member of the Recording Academy and a voting member for the Grammy Awards.

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Oliver Sean grew up in Goa, India. His mother is Goan Portuguese and his father is American.[9] He was born to a musically inclined family as all of his uncles were musicians.[10] He started to write songs when he was 11 years old and had a band at school. At the age of 13, Oliver turned into a professional and played for weddings in his uncle's band.[11] Oliver Sean's career was launched in his teens.[12] When he was 17, he formed his own band called Cloud 9.[13]

Breakthrough years (1999-2004)[edit]

Oliver Sean's breakthrough is traced back to 1999 when his discography with W.O.A. Entertainment began, featuring the single "There She Is Again". His debut album was I Like It. This album was nominated for 'International Album of the Year' by AVMax in 2003/04.[14] Also, one of the key moments was in the UK, when a studio head secured him a spot on Showcase TV that was aired on Sky/Granada TV.[15]

Musical career (2005-2010)[edit]

In 2006, Oliver Sean was involved with writing music for the French Government for the tourism campaign of the Massif Region and official song for the Goa Floats at the India Republic Day Parade[16] that won the top honors in 2006. In 2008, Oliver Sean came out with his second studio album called Darna Chod Do. The name of this album comes from Goan street slang.[17]

So Good and All I Remember (2011-2012)[edit]

Oliver Sean's third studio album So Good (2011) hit the Vh1 Top 10[18] for his single "Movies"[19] from the album on 4 June 2011, Featured album spot at the Virgin Megastores in Dubai, a Vh1 Specials feature in India and the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 nomination in the MTV EMA Best India/Worldwide Act category. Oliver Sean released an Americana single titled "All I Remember"[20] in 2012. It was released in the US simultaneously announcing his first major US Tour. The music video for "All I Remember" was a featured video on Vh1 India's music channel and went on to hit the No.1 Spot on the Artist Aloud Charts (India Today Group). Oliver Sean made his debut in film music as a music director when he composed the Soundtrack for a popular Bollywood International film Cutting Chai[21] released in 2012.

Christmas and animal welfare (2013-2015)[edit]

Making a foray into holiday music Oliver Sean recorded his version of the Charles Brown hit "Please Come Home for Christmas"[22] in 2013 followed by his Christmas EP Unplugged Christmas releasing shortly thereafter. In February 2015 Oliver Sean released a live and unplugged EP titled Bootleg Recordings Vol.1[23] dedicated towards animal welfare and followed that up with the Stripped Down Summer Tour[24] across New York, Costa Rica and England.

Focus on world and film music (2016-2018)[edit]

Going deeper into world and film music in 2017, Oliver Sean composed the title track to a Goan (Konkani) feature film titled Devachem Planning. The singer's 4th studio album Devil in Blue Jeans was released on 31 August 2017.[25] The album was on the iTunes bestselling preorders list in the UK[26] and two music videos/singles, New York and First Move, from the album are currently on rotation on Vh1 India/International, 9XO and RTP International. The third single "Walk up and Kiss you" from the album was selected by NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) for the 61st Grammy Awards Nomination Ballots in Best American Roots Song and Best American Roots Performance categories.[27] The single went on to hit No.1 on the iTunes top 100 singles chart and iTunes Rock Chart.[28] and the Devil in Blue Jeans album hit No.2 on the iTunes Rock Album Chart and No.14 on the iTunes Top 100 album chart.[29] At the Fall 2018 International Independent Film Awards Oliver Sean’s single New York won Gold in the Best Music Video and Best Original Song categories.[30]

Doing That and The Real Indie Project (2019 - 2020 )[edit]

Keeping with his world beat roots the singer songwriter released his single Doing That (Time, Love, Happiness) on February 1, 2019. The song hit No.1 on iTunes in the US, Canada and Turkey and a No.2 on iTunes UK. The single then went on to hit the official Billboard Charts, coming in at No.6 on the world digital song sales charts, for the Week of June 1, 2019, with the Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness) single.[2]

Oliver Sean joined forces with several high profile indie musicians towards the end of 2019 to form a new musical project titled ‘The Real Indie Project’. The singer songwriter and the musicians from his Real Indie Project released a new version of the Legendary William Bell single "Everyday will be like a holiday" as their first official single, in time to celebrate the holidays.[31]

The artist was nominated for the 2020 Golden Fox Film Award, Best Music Video Category, as Director, for "Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness)".[32]

Oliver Sean’s album Devil is Back feat RIP (Real Indie Project) was released on 14th Aug and hit No.1 on the iTunes Blues Album charts.[33] The album went on to hit the Official UK Album Download Chart Official Chart Company for the week of 21–27 August 2020 breaking into the top 100 at No.52.[34] The album broke into the Billboard Blues Album Chart at #8 for the week of Augus 29, 2020.[35]

Other ventures[edit]

Oliver Sean has produced both his own and various international artists' music videos and hosts his own weekly radio show and podcast WOAFM99.[36]

Awards and achievements[edit]

  • AVMax International Album of the Year Nominee 2003
  • MTV Super Select - I Like It, 2004
  • MTV Most Wanted - I Like It, 2004
  • B4U International TV Special - Live TV Concert, 2006
  • Headiner at International Film Festival of India (IFFI) - 2006
  • MTV Exclusive - Darna Chod Do, Music Video, 2008
  • Zee TV Special TV Feature - Darna Chod Do, 2008
  • Big Goemkar (Goan of Year) - Big FM, 2009
  • Vh1 Top 10 (No.10) - Movies, Music Video 2011
  • MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee 2012
  • Grammy Nomination Considerations 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th & 58th Grammy Awards. 14. Vh1 Specials Documentary - 2012
  • National Mobile/Cell Download Charts No.1 - All I Remember Single 2013
  • Reverbnation No.1 (World Music Genre), 2014
  • No.1 on N1M Americana Charts (Worldwide) - Single 'All I Remember' 2015
  • Reverbnation No.1 across UK (Americana Genre), 2015
  • No.1 on N1M Soft Rock Charts (Worldwide) - Single 'Movies' 2015
  • No.1 on N1M Americana Charts (Worldwide) - Single 'All I Remember' 2015
  • Breaking Music Video on 9XO - New York Single 2016
  • iTunes Bestselling Pre Orders List (UK) - Devil in Blue Jeans August 31, 2017
  • No.1 on iTunes Top 100 Charts Turkey - 22nd Nov 2018 (Song: Walk up and Kiss you)
  • No.1 on iTunes Top 10 Rock Singles Turkey - November 24, 2018 (Song: New York)
  • No.2 on Album Charts (Rock) itunes Mexico - November 29, 2018
  • No.14 on Album Charts (Top 100) iTunes Mexico - November 29, 2018
  • Gold Award for New York in Best Music Video at International Independent Film Awards - Dec 2018
  • Gold Award for New York in Best Original Song at International Independent Film Awards - Dec 2018


  • There She Is Again (Single – WOA Records/W.O.A International– 1999
  • I Like It (LP – WOA Records/W.O.A International) – 2002
  • I Like It (Album Re-Release – Times Music/WOA Records/W.O.A International) – 2003
  • Libran Mind (Film Score) – 2004
  • Darna Chod Do (LP – WOA Records/W.O.A International / Crescendo BMG) – 2007
  • Christmas Time (Single – WOA Records/W.O.A International) – 2008
  • Goa Chillout Zone Vol.1 (Compilation – WOA Records/W.O.A International) – 2009
  • So Good (Single – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2010
  • So Good – The Album (LP – WOA Records) – 2011
  • NuBreed of the Middle East (Compilation – Daxxar) – 2011
  • Cutting Chai[37] (Film Soundtrack – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2012
  • All I Remember (Single – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2012
  • Christmas Unplugged (LIVE EP – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2012
  • Please come home for Christmas (Single – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2013
  • The Bootleg Recordings Vol.1 (LIVE EP – WOA Records/WOA International) - 2015
  • Unplugged Christmas (LIVE EP – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2016
  • New York (Single – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2016
  • First Move (Single – WOA Records/WOA International – 2017
  • Devachem Planning (Movie Soundtrack/Title Track for Konkani Feature Film Film Score) - 2017
  • Decade of Hits (LP/Compilation – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2017
  • Devil in Blue Jeans (LP – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2017
  • Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness) (Single – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2019
  • Everyday will be like a holiday - (Single – WOA Records/WOA International) – 2019
  • Devil is Back - (Album - [WOA Records/WOA International) – 2020


  • I Like It (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Actor / Producer – 2002
  • Darna Chod Do (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Actor / Executive Producer – 2007
  • Darna Chod Do Remix (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Actor / Executive Producer – 2007
  • (Saurabh), Music Video, Executive Producer- 2009
  • Peace Remix (Saurabh), Music Video, Executive Producer – 2009
  • Cutting Chai (Bollywood Film), Composer/Music Director[38]
  • So Good (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Actor/Producer/Director – 2011
  • Movies (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Actor/producer/Director – 2011
  • Dichotomy (Kotadama), Music Video, Director – 2011
  • Love Song (Jade Steel), Music Video, Director – 2011
  • So Naive (Eric Dulle), Music Video, Director – 2011
  • Alone (Oliver Sean), Music Video, actor, producer, Director – 2012
  • Vh1 Specials – Oliver Sean, Documentary, Director – 2012
  • All I Remember (Oliver Sean), Music Video, actor, producer, Director – 2012
  • Diacronia (Nagmah), Music Video, Director - 2015
  • Necessary Evil (Laura Ainsworth), Music Video, Director - 2015
  • Detroit on a Roll (Lorraine Milton), Music Video, Director - 2015
  • New York (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Director - 2017
  • First Move (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Director - 2018
  • Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness) (Oliver Sean), Music Video, Director - 2019
  • Everyday will be like a holiday (Oliver Sean feat. Real Indie Project), Music Video, Director 2019


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