Oliver Steeds

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Oliver Steeds
Born Oliver Graham Steeds
1975 (age 39–40)
Merton, London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality English
Other names Olly
Occupation Explorer and journalist
Known for Television presenter
Website oliversteeds.com

Oliver "Olly" Steeds (born 1975 in Merton, London[1]) is a British explorer and journalist who has travelled and worked in more than 100 countries. He is Director of Digital Explorer, an educational organisation that 'brings the world to the classroom'. 2011 Digital Explorer launched the Oceans Academy.


Steeds received his education at Radley College, Newcastle University and the People's University, Beijing.

Oliver has reported for Channel 4's Unreported World and Dispatches, Al Jazeera's People & Power, Witness and Earthrise, ABC News and Nightline and has won critical acclaim for his work - Finalist for Livingstone Awards for Young Journalists, Finalist for Asian TV Awards and Rory Peck Impact Awards. His work has also been nominated for Emmy's and Overseas Press Award.

Oliver reports extensively on the rights of tribal and indigenous peoples including Australia's Aboriginal people, the Saami, the San, the Tuareg, the Maasai, the Samburu, the Mbuti, the nomadic peoples of Mongolia, the Tsaatan, the Bai and Naxi amongst others.

Oliver has been featured on the Travel Channel's Living With the Mek: The Adventures of Mark and Olly. The Mek are an indigenous tribe of West Papua, New Guinea. Living with the Mek is the second season of the show. Mark and Olly have also done Living with the Kombai in 2006. As of 2010, Steeds is the host of the Discovery Channel's series Solving History with Olly Steeds.[2]


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