Oliver Wallop, 8th Earl of Portsmouth

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Oliver Henry Wallop, 8th Earl of Portsmouth (13 January 1861 – 10 February 1943) was a British peer and also served in the Wyoming State Legislature in the United States.

Wallop had moved from England to the United States, and had been living the life of a rancher in Sheridan, Wyoming, at the time of the death in 1925 of his older brother, the 7th Earl. Known as O.H. Wallop, he had served two terms as a Republican in the Wyoming House of Representatives.[1][2] Wallop, who had become an United States citizen in 1891, was allowed to take his seat in the House of Lords after renouncing American citizenship.[3]

His grandson, Malcolm Wallop, also served in the Wyoming State Legislature, and three terms in the United States Senate.


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