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Oliver Winterbottom is a British automotive designer who has designed cars for Lotus as well as for Jaguar and TVR.


Before Lotus, Winterbottom worked for Jaguar and was part of the team that designed the XJ21 prototype that never reached production.[1]

Winterbottom worked directly with Colin Chapman who appointed him to lead the design and safety engineering projects at Lotus Cars. Winterbottom designed the second generation Lotus Elite wedge design and the Lotus Eclat.[2]

Winterbottom then worked with TVR[3] where he designed the TVR Tasmin launched in 1980.[4]

Winterbottom returned to Lotus and designed the prototype Lotus M90, (X100), but due to company problems, the car never reached production. He was also head of development for the V8 engine used within the Esprit, project 918.[citation needed]

Currently Winterbottom is an automotive consultant, and he also serves as membership director for the Coalition of Small Volume Automobile Manufacturers. As of December 2008 Oliver Winterbottom is working as a consultant for SAIC Motors in Shanghai China.[citation needed]

In March 2017 Oliver Winterbottom's book A Life in Car Design will be published by Veloce.


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