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The Olivetti Envision P75, with manuals and peripherals

The Olivetti Envision (400/P75) was an Italian multimedia personal computer produced in 1995. It came with a choice of two processors: one based on the Intel 486 DX4 100mhz processor and one based on the Intel Pentium P75 processor. It had an infrared keyboard and an internal modem, and it was compatible with audio CDs, CD-ROMs, Photo CDs and Video CDs.[1] It came with preinstalled programs that allowed it to work as a fax and an answering machine when connected to the telephone line.[2] It had three possible operating modes: simple mode (limited to the use of an infrared remote control to control the volume and the reproduction of photo, video or audio CDs); intermediate mode (with a simplified Windows shell replacement called Olipilot that gave access to a limited set of programs); advanced (the standard Windows 95 graphical user interface).

The declared goal for this device was to convince non-computer-savvy people that computers are not impossibly hard to use and can be bought and used like normal home appliances. For this reason, it was intentionally designed to resemble a videocassette recorder more than a computer and it was equipped with two SCART sockets (to connect it to a TV set), a TV-like remote control and a slot that would host a satellite decoder card.[3]

The Olivetti Envision was discontinued in 1996 due to poor sales, caused by its excessive price, many software bugs and limited expandability.[4]


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