Olivia Hamnett

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Olivia Hamnett
Born St Helens, Lancashire, England, UK
Died November 2001 (age 58-59)
Spouse(s) Peter Regan

Olivia Hamnett (c 1942-1943,[1] St Helens, Lancashire [2]- November 2001) was a British actress who found success after emigrating to Australia in 1971. In the UK, Hamnett had guest roles in such television programmes as Department S and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) in 1969.

She continued to act after moving to Australia, appearing in films and in several popular television series. She was probably best known for her performances in the television dramas Prisoner as Kate Peterson and The Sullivans as Meg Fulton.

She also played major roles on such series as Rush, Bellbird, the original miniseries of Return to Eden, The Power, The Passion, Pacific Drive and Neighbours. Hamnett portrayed Richard Chamberlain's wife in The Last Wave (1977), and played Ricky Schroder's mother in The Earthling (1980).

Personal life[edit]

Married to actor Peter Regan, Hamnett died in 2001 from a brain tumour.


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