Olivier Giacomotto

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Olivier Giacomotto
Also known as Superskank, Ohmme, OG, Shagshag
Born 1976 (age 41–42)
Bordeaux, France
Genres Techno, Tech house, Electro house
Occupation(s) Producer, DJ
Labels Definitive Recordings
Website www.oliviergiacomotto.com

Olivier Giacomotto (born 2 February 1976 in Bordeaux, France) is a French electronic music producer and disc jockey (DJ), also known as Superskank, Ohmme, or OG.

Born in Bordeaux, France, he started his career in 1999 and first got into production by working in recording studios where he learned the use of samplers, mixing desks, effects, computers and music software. From Blues Café studio in Paris to Townhouse Studios in London, Olivier worked with Robert Suhas, Magnus Fiennes, Guy Pratt, Yohad Nevo, Pete Lewis, John Themis, Bond, Lyrics, and various other bands, producers, studio musicians and sound engineers.

Back to Bordeaux, he programs break-beat, drum'n'bass, triphop, hip-hop, lounge, ambient, in electronic projects like Shagshag, Dubweisers or Uprock Massive. During year 2002 with Shagshag, he won a remix contest organized by News and got his first vinyl released: Plastyc Buddha - Rhodes Royce (Shagshag Remix) [1]

Step by step, Giacomotto progressively found his path into electronic dance music and its subgenres like techno,[2] electro, house, tech-house, and deep house. He released his work on independent labels such as Definitive Recordings, Plus 8, Toolroom, and 1605. Meanwhile, he performs around the world as DJ: his mixing sessions can be described as sexy, funky, punchy and groovy.

Since 2006, thanks to the success of his productions and remixes such as "Volta", "Gail In The O", "Guacamoli", "i'll be ok", his name regularly appears in the TOP10 charts of Beatport, the biggest online music store specializing in electronic dance music. The multinational developer and publisher Rockstar Games licensed four of his tracks for the top-selling video game, Midnight Club Los Angeles: "Wasabi On Top", "Good", "Sofa King", and "Too Cool For Skool". He also produced for pop and reggae artists Terry Lynn and Tom Frager. One of his productions for Terry Lynn titled "Stone" was licensed for the soundtrack of Hollywood box office hit Date Night with Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and Mark Wahlberg, and "Give Me That Love", coproduced with Tom Frager on the major global music company Universal, have been charted during 2 weeks in the French TOP50 selling thousands of Singles and albums.

He currently co-runs the independent label Definitive Recordings with John Acquaviva, and works on various kind of music projects around the world.


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