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Olivier Grunewald
Born 1959
Nationality  French
Education Centre de Formation des Gobelins, Paris
Occupation Photographer
Spouse(s) Bernadette Gilbertas
Children daughter Fanny
Awards World Press Photo (1995) (2002) (2004) (2011),[1] BBC Wildlife Photo Contest

Olivier Grunewald (born 1959) is a French photographer and author, with the main focus on nature, landscapes and wildlife.

Olivier Grunewald was born in Paris in 1959. He started photographing birds at the age of 14.[2]

He studied commercial advertising photography at the Gobelins School of the Image, in Paris.[3] After his studies he began working as a freelance photographer specializing in sports, mountaineering and rock climbing and continued climbing and photographing for the next 10 years with a medium format camera.[4][5]

Later in his career he switched to a large format camera and began to focus more on the wild nature, and a long term project on volcanoes. He travels all over the world and collaborates on projects with his wife, Bernadette Gilbertas, a geographer and journalist. [2][5]

He has also produced documentaries on Wild Earth for Science and Nature magazine.[6]

Since 1997, he specializes in volcanoes and travels the world to illustrate the diversity of the phenomena and the volcanic landscapes.


  • Fondation de la Vocation (in French), 1988 [4]
  • 4 World Press Photo Awards: 1995 (leatherback turtles in French Guiana), 2002 (Northern lights), 2004 (volcanoes of Kamchatka), 2011 (Nyiragongo volcano)[1][7]
  • distinguished by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, a contest organized by the BBC and the Natural History Museum of London.


His work is published in major French and foreign press, including Le Figaro Magazine, GEO, Great Features, VOD, BBC Wildlife, Focus,[1] Airone,[2] National Geographic.
He has also co-authored 15 books:


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