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The Ollé Prize[1] is an Australian chemistry award administered by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Archibald Ollé was very active in the chemical and scientific life of NSW in the first 40 years of the twentieth century, and his wife left a bequest to The RACI NSW Branch (http://www.chem.unsw.edu.au/raci/raci1/) to his name with an annual prize. It is awarded to a member of the Institute who submits the "best treatise, writing or paper" on any subject relevant to the Institute's interests. The Ollé Prize from the RACI is distinct and unrelated to a similarly named prize from the Royal Society of NSW.

The NSW Branch Committee controls the Prize and has established the following conditions:

  • Nominations are invited from candidates themselves or from persons knowing suitable candidates.
  • Nominees must be members of The RACI.
  • Each nominee should submit a single scientific work which has been published during the previous calendar year.
  • Nominations must be in writing, setting out the name, address, academic qualifications and present position of the nominee and be signed by the nominee and nominator.
  • Where the work involves more than one author, the nominator should arrange for all the other authors to send an indication of the contribution of the nominee. Though submission of multi-authored works is not discouraged, authors should be aware that in the past the adjudicators have found it very difficult to establish the relative merits of single and multi-authored works in terms of making an award to an individual.

Past recipients of the award are[edit]

1964–65 – Dr J.E.FALK, Porphyrins and Metallo Porphyrins, CSIRO Canberra, Book.
1966 – Professor S.J. ANGYAL, Conformational Analysis (Authors Eliel, Allinger, Angyal & Morrison), UNSW, Book Chapter.
1967 – Professor S.E. LIVINGSTONE, Metal Complexes of Ligands containing Sulphur, Selenium, or Thallium as Donor Atoms, UNSW, Review.
1968 – Dr D.L. SOLOMON, Organic Film Formers, CSIRO Melbourne, Book.
1969 – Dr W.L.F. ARMAREGO, Fused Pyrimidines, Part 1 Quinolizidines, ANU, Book.
1972 – Dr D.L. KEPERT, The Early Transition Metals, University of Western Australia, Book.
1974 – Professor R. L. MARTIN, Structural Theory for Non-Stoichiometry Part 1 Defect Fluoride Structures, ANU, Research Paper.
1976–77 – Dr R.F. CANE, The Origin and Formation of Oil Shale, Qld Institute of Technology, Book Chapter.
1978 – Professor A.R.H. COLE, Tables of Wave Numbers for Calibration of Infrared Spectrometer, University of Western Australia, Book.
1979 – Dr B. SELINGER, Chemistry in the Market Place, ANU, Book.
1980 – Dr I.C. WATT, Sorption of Water Vapor by Keratin, CSIRO Sydney, Review.
 - A/Professor L.A. SUMMERS, The Bipyridinium-Herbicides, University of Newcastle, Book.
1982 – Dr D.J. SWAINE, Nickel in Coal and Fly Ash, CSIRO Sydney, Book Chapter.
1983 – A/Professor A.J. HUNTER, Zeta Potential in Colloid Science, University of Sydney, Book.
1985 – A/Professor D. NAPPER, University of Sydney, Book.
1987 – Mr R. SCHOENFELD, The Chemist's English, University of Melbourne, Book.
1989 – Professor L.F. LINDOY, Heavy Metal Chemistry of Mixed Donor Macrocyclic Ligands: Strategies for obtaining Metal Ion Recognition, James Cook University, Review.
1990 – Professor A. ALBERT, Xenobiosis: Foods, Drugs and Poisons, ANU, Book.
1991 – Dr LEN WEICKHARDT, Masson of Melbourne; The Life and Times of Professor David Orme Masson, University of Melbourne, Book.
1992 – Professor Paul HADDAD, Ion Chromatography, Principles & Applications, UNSW, Book.
1993 – A/Professor John MACKIE, Partial Oxidation of Methane: the Role of the Gas-Phase Reactions, Sydney University, Research Paper.
 - Professor Leo RADOM, Chemistry by Computer: a Theoretical Approach to Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry, ANU, Research Paper.
1994 – A/Professor Roger BISHOP, Ritter-Type Reactions, UNSW, Article.
1995 – Dr Bruce S. WILD, Optically Active Arsines: Preparations, Uses and Chiroptical Properties, ANU, Book Chapter.
 - Professor Lewis MANDER, Stereoselective Synthesis, ANU, Book Chapter.
1996 – Professor R.G. GILBERT, Emulsion Polymerisation – a Mechanistic Approach, University of Sydney, Book.
1997 – Dr Des BROWN & Dr Damon RIDLEY, Quinazolines. Supplement 1: The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (Brown) On Line Searching: A Scientist’s Perspective (Ridley), Book.
1998 – Dr Frank EASTWOOD, Gas Phase Pyrolytic Methods for the Preparation of Carbon-Hydrogen & Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen Compounds, Review.
1999 – Professor William S. PRICE, NMR Imaging, University of Western Sydney, Review.
2000 – Dr Christopher EASTON and Prof Stephen LINCOLN, Modified Cyclodextrins – Scaffolds and Templates for Supramolecular Chemistry, Book.
2001 – Professor Leonard F. LINDOY and Dr Ian M. ATKINSON, Self-Assembly in Supramolecular Systems, Book.
2002 – Dr Robert V. STICK, Carbohydrates: The Sweet Molecules of Life, University of Western Australia, Book.
2004 – A/Professor Peter KARUSO, Epicocconone, a Novel Fluorescent Compound from the Fungus Epicoccum nigrum, Macquarie University, Research Paper.
2005 – Dr Colin WRIGLEY, Encyclopedia of Grain Science, Book.
2006 – Professor Stephen LINCOLN, Challenged Earth: An Overview of Humanity's Stewardship of Earth, University of Adelaide, Book.
2008 – Professor Brynn HIBBERT, Quality Assurance in the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, UNSW, Book.
2009 – A/Professor Stuart R. BATTEN, Coordination Polymers. Design, Analysis and Application, Book.
2010 – Professor William S. PRICE, NMR Studies of Translational Motion, University of Western Sydney, Nanoscale Group, (http://www.uws.edu.au/nanoscale/nanoscale_organisation_and_dynamics), Monograph.


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