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For the commune in Chile, see Ollagüe, Chile.
Ollague Volcano from Chile.jpg
Ollagüe as viewed from the west.
Highest point
Elevation 5,868 m (19,252 ft)
Prominence 1,686 m (5,531 ft)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 21°18′08″S 68°10′45″W / 21.30222°S 68.17917°W / -21.30222; -68.17917Coordinates: 21°18′08″S 68°10′45″W / 21.30222°S 68.17917°W / -21.30222; -68.17917
Ollagüe is located in Bolivia
Location in Bolivia, on the border with Chile
Location Potosí Department, Nor Lípez Province, Pelcoya Canton, Bolivia -
Antofagasta Region, El Loa Province, Chile
Parent range Andes
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption Unknown

Ollagüe (hispanicized spelling) or Ullawi (Aymara ullaña to see, to look at, to watch,[1] wi a nominalizing suffix to indicate a place, "viewpoint", also spelled Ollague) is a massive andesite stratovolcano [2] in the Andes on the border between Bolivia and northern Chile. It is located southeast of the village that shares its name. It has a prominence of 1,686 metres (5,531 ft; 1.048 mi), towering over a mile above the surrounding terrain.

On the lower west flank of Ollagüe, debris avalanche hummocks surround La Poruñita scoria cone and separate Salar de Ollagüe from Salar de Carcote.

The volcano displays fumarolic activity, particularly to the south of its summit area.

On the northwest side of the mountain a disused switchback road, whose highest point reaches over 5,650m[3] leads to sulfur mines on the upper portion of Ollagüe. It is one of the highest (if not the highest) roads in the world. It has been descended by mountain bike.[4]

Ollagüe from the east, the Bolivian side

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