Olli Ahvenlahti

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Olli Ahvenlahti in 2012.

Olli Ahvenlahti (born 6 August 1949, in Helsinki) is a Finnish pianist, composer and conductor.

Since the 1990 Contest, Ahvenlahti following Ossi Runne has been the Finnish conductor at the Eurovision Song Contest. Conducting seven entries until the 1998 Contest, after 1998 the orchestra was abolished. The exceptions are the 1995 Contest and the 1997 Contest in which Finland did not participate although Ahvenlahti acted as Finnish commentator.

He has played in his career a large number of Finnish artists in the background and the star was, inter alia, the UMO Jazz Orchestra and the Finnish jazz firmly in the 1970s.

Since the 1990s he has worked for the Finnish radio and television company YLE.

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