Olof Björnsson

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Olof Björnsson
King of Sweden
Reign c. 970 - c. 975
Predecessor Björn (III) Eriksson
Successor Eric the Victorious
Consort Ingeborg Thrandsdotter
House House of Munsö
Father Björn (III) Eriksson
Died 975

Olof Björnsson (reigned c. 970–975), was a semi-legendary Swedish king, who according to Hervarar saga and the Styrbjarnar þáttr Svíakappa ruled together with his brother Eric the Victorious. He was the father of Styrbjörn Starke and Gyrid by his queen, Ingeborg Thrandsdotter, and he died of poison during a meal. Instead of proclaiming his nephew Styrbjörn co-ruler, Eric proclaimed his own unborn child co-ruler on condition that it was a son. It was a son who became Olof of Sweden.

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