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Olof Söderblom is chairman of Compass Management Consulting, the management consultancy he co-founded in 1980. He also contributes actively at the conceptual level to the development and enhancement of Compass' service lines.

Token-ring and other patents[edit]

Olof has been awarded world-wide patents on inventions in the fields of component testing, medical laboratory equipment, military systems and data communications. His best known invention is the token ring[citation needed] which forms the basis for several international standards in data communications. He pioneered and developed "Fact Based Consulting" the quantitative consulting methodology using functional models on which Compass is based. Olof is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide and is considered an authority on the causes and resolution of the challenges associated with attaining business value from information technology.

Comparative analysis[edit]

Olof has extensive experience in the realisation and application of digital and information technology going back to the late 1950s. He has been involved in the design and implementation of computer hardware, operating systems, data networks, applications software as well as organisational designs based on IT support. Olof has consulted widely, assisting senior management of major corporations to resolve management, cost and quality issues in IT and the fusion of business and IT. Prior to Compass Olof held senior and management positions at IBM and other major corporations.


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