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This article is about the website. For the suffix, see -logy.
Ology Corp
Type Online entertainment news and social media Company
Headquarters New York City
Founder(s) Beth Haggerty and Vivian Moran
Industry Internet
Website www.ology.com
Alexa rank 20,648[1]

Ology is an entertainment news and social media website based in New York City, United States. The key focus of Ology is to provide a place for users to share their passions, offering a platform where they can build communities, engage with one another, and discover new content amidst a vibrant gathering of active experts and professional editors.[2]


Ology was founded by Beth Haggerty and Vivian Moran in June 2008.[3] It consists of daily updated news trends, original editorial content, interviews, reviews, recaps, and user communities related to TV, film, music, celebrities, fashion, geek culture, humor, politics, and sports.[4] Since the social platform was released to the public in early 2012, significant communities have developed around groups for fans of Supernatural, Being Human, X-Files, Darren Criss, Carrie Underwood, Tom Felton, and Austin Mahone, among others.


In May 2011, Ology ranked number 1 in growth on comScore.[5] Ology has been cited by The American Spectator,[6] The Austin Chronicle,[7] and MTV News.[8] In April 2012, Geek Sugar highlighted Ology for its "hilarious, tongue-in-cheek news stories, viral videos, and trends," and Business Insider featured the website in December for its commercial potential as a social media website. In February 2013, a shifting focus to OogLyfe was noticed by several users, but when asked for an official statement Ology declined.

Publisher Network[edit]

Ology Media runs The Ology Publisher network, reaching 22.5 million users.[9] [10]

Publisher Compensation Controversy[edit]

On January, 2012 several users of DigitalPoint claimed that they were scammed by Ology Corp.[11] Publishers reported that Ology refused to pay out earnings to their publishers due to discrepancies discovered in publisher network's accounting.


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