Olot District

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Coordinates: 39°24′54″N 63°48′12″E / 39.41500°N 63.80333°E / 39.41500; 63.80333

Olot District
Olot District location map.png
Country  Uzbekistan
Region Bukhara Region
Capital Olot
 • Total 77 900
Time zone UZT (UTC+5)

Olot District is a district of Bukhara Region in Uzbekistan. The capital lies at Olot.

The etymology of the name comes from the Turkic tribe Alat or Ala-at, also known in Arabic and Persian as Khalaj, and in Chinese as Boma, Hela, and Heloγ, all with a meaning "piebald horse". During the Middle Age, Alats played a prominent role in the history of southern Uzbekistan, Khorasan (Kalat), Persia and Afghanistan (Khalaj).