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Olsynium douglasii 37688.JPG
O. douglasii var. douglasii in Anacortes Community Forest Lands
Scientific classification

Type species
Olsynium grandiflorum
(Douglas ex Lindley) Rafinesque
  • Phaiophleps Raf.
  • Symphyostemon Miers
  • Psithyrisma Herb.
  • Chamelum Phil.
  • Ona Ravenna

Olsynium (huilmo in Chile; formerly part of Sisyrinchium) is a genus of summer-dormant rhizomatous perennial flowering plants in the iris family Iridaceae, native to sunny hillsides in South America and western North America.[1][2][3]


Height is 10–40 centimetres (4–16 in) tall. Leaves are linear, 4–30 centimetres (1.6–11.8 in) long and 1–3 millimetres (0.04–0.12 in) broad.

Flowers are bell-shaped, with six white, pink, or lilac tepals, and bloom from late winter to spring.


The genus name is derived from the Greek words ol, meaning "a little", and syn-, meaning "joined",[4] referring to the stamens.[5]

  1. Olsynium acaule (Klatt) Goldblatt - Peru, Bolivia, northwestern Argentina
  2. Olsynium andinum (Phil.) Ravenna - central Chile, Neuquén Province in Argentina
  3. Olsynium biflorum (Thunb.) Goldblatt - Santa Cruz + Tierra del Fuego Provinces in southern Argentina
  4. Olsynium bodenbenderi (Kurtz) Goldblatt - Mendoza Province in Argentina
  5. Olsynium chrysochromum J.M.Watson & A.R.Flores - central Chile
  6. Olsynium douglasii (A.Dietr.) E.P.Bicknell - British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, extreme northern California, Idaho, northern Nevada, northwestern Utah
  7. Olsynium filifolium (Gaudich.) Goldblatt - southern Argentina, Falkland Islands
  8. Olsynium junceum (E.Mey. ex C.Presl) Goldblatt - Bolivia, Argentina, Chile
  9. Olsynium lyckholmii (Dusén) Goldblatt - central Chile, southern Argentina
  10. Olsynium nigricans (Phil.) R.A.Rodr. & Martic. - Maule Province in Chile
  11. Olsynium obscurum (Cav.) Goldblatt - southern Chile, Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina
  12. Olsynium philippii (Klatt) Goldblatt - central Chile
  13. Olsynium porphyreum (Kraenzl.) Ravenna - Peru
  14. Olsynium scirpoideum (Poepp.) Goldblatt - central + northern Chile, Rio Negro Province in Argentina
  15. Olsynium stoloniferum Ravenna - O'Higgins Province in Chile
  16. Olsynium trinerve (Baker) R.A.Rodr. & Martic. - Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile
  17. Olsynium villosum Ravenna - Santiago Province in Chile


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