Oltinkol District

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Oltinkoʻl District
Oltinko’l tumani
Location in Andijan Region
Location in Andijan Region
Coordinates: 40°42′N 72°10′E / 40.700°N 72.167°E / 40.700; 72.167
Country  Uzbekistan
Region Andijan Region
Capital Oltinkol
Established June 26, 1939
 • Total 607 km2 (234 sq mi)
 • Total 134,500
Time zone UZT (UTC+5)

Oltinkoʻl District (Uzbek: Oltinkoʻl tumani, Олтинкўл тумани, Russian: Алтынкульский район) is a district of Andijan Region, Uzbekistan. The capital of the district is Oltinkoʻl. The district was established on June 26, 1939.[1] The population is 134,500.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district consists of 8 village councils:


Oltinkoʻl District lies in the central part of Andijan Region in eastern Uzbekistan. The relief is represented by lowlands and hills. The climate is subtropical high upland, with an average July temperature of 25-28 ˚ C, and an average February temperature of -5 - -7 ˚ C.[2] Sometimes in summer the temperature reaches as high as 43 ˚ C, and as low as -18 ˚ C in the winter. The growing season is 160 - 180 days, with an average annual rainfall of up to 225 mm.[2] Wild animals are rare, but there are rodents, reptiles and birds.[2]


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